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Natalie Davis

1238019_10151561990811537_278162352_nNatalie Davis is the founder of Grateful Dread Peace Media, a nonprofit sole proprietorship in existence since 1996 to use media to make a better, more informed world. GDPM is an activist/journalism community service venture that works with small businesses, individuals, progressive organizations and other nonprofits to provide business services including content creation and management, SEO optimization, freelance journalism, and investigative reporting for print, broadcast and Web, plus copywriting, proofreading, editing, voiceovers and audio production, transcription, publicity and public relations, and consulting. The company also provides activism media services including direct action and event organizing, public speaking presentations on progressive issues, and media training for activists and community organizers. Also under the GDPM umbrella are Grateful Dread Public Radio and The Armchair Activist. Davis has worked in professional journalism and as a progressive issues activist for more than 30 years. She is co-founder and moderator of the Baltimore Activists Coalition and an early member of the LGBT direct-action group Soulforce. She is long-known in the blogosphere for the award-winning All Facts and Opinions (now a daily curated newsletter available via subscription) and now blogs under GDPR PEACE. Formerly Davis was a reporter and editor with the Baltimore Alternative and the City Paper alternative weeklies of Baltimore and Washington and AOL/Patch Media, was a talk show producer-co-host for Sirius Satellite Radio, and has worked for WMUC (College Park, Md.), WCVT and WTMD (Towson, Md.), WCAO/WXYV (Baltimore, Md.), WCBM (Baltimore, Md.), WRKA (Louisville, Ky.), CBS Radio Baltimore, and WRNJ (Hackettstown, NJ). Her print and Web journalism has been published internationally and honored by the Society of Professional Journalists and the Vice Versa GLBT Journalism Awards. The Baltimore native and mother of two is the co-author of Ferguson’s Real Estate Careers. She is also a math tutor, a voracious reader, a dog person, and an occasionally actively performing singer-songwriter and guitarist.

Natalie Davis,