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The BradCast with BRAD FRIEDMAN

The BradCast is the broadcast version of the award-winning BradBlog by Brad Friedman. Brad is an independent investigative journalist, an outspoken blogger, a dedicated broadcaster, VelvetRevolution.us co-founder, an expert on issues of election integrity, and a Commonweal Institute Fellow. He’ll also tell you that he’s one swell fellow.

He and producer Desi Doyen certainly are devoted to keeping you informed on issues related to the environment (listen weekly to Desi’s “Green News Report”) and to the integrity of the US ballot. The mission of The BradCast, The BradBlog, and Brad’s prizewinning journalism is to defend democracy, to make sure government is transparent and to shine a light on political corruption.

The show is an hour of hard-hitting facts, incisive interviews with compelling newsmakers, and entertaining snark. Endorsed by renowned voices such as Congressman John Conyers and legendary progressive talk host Thom Hartmann, Brad Friedman’s The BradCast should be required listening each and every day.

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